About us

Since 1994, Shank International has been serving the Marine Industry in all fields and providing support services to Shipowners, Charterers, Offshore companies, and in general the Shipping community including pleasure boats and yacht.

In year 2000 the company was incorporated as Shank International Pte Ltd so as to enhance our services to meet our clients satisfaction. The Company, with a dedicated team of professionals are committed in providing the best services to our customers at competitive rates always emphasizing on customers satisfaction and catering to all the customers needs and requirements.

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Our Mission

To provide Quality, prompt and effective services to the Shipping community emphasizing in competitive rate/prices and best attention at all times so as to attain our goal of Customers Satisfaction

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Our Values

Deliver on time without sacrificing safety or the environment. Communicate openly while focusing on the solution Innovate for the future, Learn from the past. Act with integrity, Honor Commitments

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